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Pan Emirates Radio Spot - Arabic


Pan Emirates Radio Spot - Arabic

Pan Emirates Radio Spot - Arabic

Pan Emirates Radio Spot - English

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Audio/Music Production

Sinewave music production company based in dubai creating audio/music for different media & dedicated to serving you generate outstanding experience and convey huge consequences every time. We are specializing in music licensing, composition & production, audio post production, mixing, production and sound design. Sinewave Studios providing array of audio/music production for audio post-production, radio, TV commercial, live events, film Production (feature films), TV drama, corporate branding, short films, events & more mastering services.

Sound Pre & Post Production

Our well organized & imaginative production environment deliver audio production, creative sound design, studio direction for TV commercial, radio advertising, branded content, video songs, TV dramas, documentaries videos, short films, live events & more. We are working with experts artists on every steps of the production process from song arrangements, lyrics, instrument choices, pre-production rehearsals, to complete finished, radio ready material. Sinewave audio/music branding services like:

  • Recording
  • Mixing 5.1
  • Mastering
  • Editing
  • Song Writing

Post Production for Radio, TV, Films & Events

Our experienced musician deliver audio production, creative sound design and studio direction for TV commercial, cinema, radio advertising, TV dramas, documentaries, short films & films production. Have a look at the sections below and see if we can help provide what you need:

  • Voice Over
  • IVR
  • Dubbing
  • Jingles production
  • script writing for radio & TV commercial
  • Compositions
  • Background music & sound design for radio, TV, films & documentaries
  • Music & sound design for games, apps & websites
  • Sonic logos & ringtones
  • Foley
  • Mixing & stereo

Music Composition

Our experts experienced composers, songwriters and sound designers provides you creativity, technical expertise and vast experience across all genres of media music composition. We compose all styles of music for TV Commercial, live events, broadcast design, interactive media and film production. With our clear and deep perception and professional understanding of branding, script objectives, pacing and musical techniques will maximize the impact and effectiveness of your brand.


Sinewave rehearsal studios offering musicians the kind of comfortable atmosphere to work on their live shows, rehearse their music and express their creativity. With its efficient space and comfortable vibe and amenities our studio can be altered into the perfect location for your film production, broadcasting, short film production, corporate video & audio shoot. The studio has catered to the needs of some of the major and most winning names in the media industry.

Recording Studio

Record your new songs or album with our experienced team. We provide professional facilities for recording, specially designed to achieve the desired acoustical properties. We have huge recording spaces with amazing equipment specs. with our experienced team of sound engineer, our enviable selection of microphones, our abundance of kit and expertise in analogue and digital technology, we'll help you create exactly the sound you require.

Mixing & Mastering

Sinewave Pictures offers high end mixing and mastering service only the very bestcatering for all genres of music production. Here at sinewave pictures we believe that mixing and mastering are arts in their own right. Our years of experience and the perfect balance between equipment and acoustics are essential to perform both properly and ensure that your music sounds amazing and ready to be played on the radio, film or TV commercial. We pride ourselves on using only the very best high quality analogue audio equipment. Our flexible pricing makes it easy to get a mixing and mastering service suited to your budget without compromising on quality.

IVR (Voice overs)

Sinewave pictures providing best voice over and post production services like: voice over talent casting, voice over recording and production, TV program voice over, TV commercial voice over, Radio voice over, radio jingle recording, film voice over, corporate video voice over, training video voice over, movie trailer voice over, cartoon voice over, podcasting voice over, voice acting voice over, film dubbing voice over, short film voice over, documentary film voice over, animation voice over, video game voice over, Lip sync voice over - multimedia voice over - foreign language voice over, IVR voice over, male voice over talents, female voice over talents and many more. Our team can deliver your script with an authentic native accent as well as noteworthy precision and quality; We've provided a few examples of good profiles below.

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