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Sinewave films is an established film production company based in Dubai. We specialize in delivering bespoke multi-dynamic film production to a diverse range of clients. We have a passion for making extraordinary stories, that’s why we place film at the heart of what we do. We believe and understand that films speak and represent the culture, custom, tradition, ethics and history of any region, that's why our research and support team is fully aware and equipped with every single detail to support our clients in getting excellent results. we help our clients execute an effective corporate marketing communications plan. We are operating across abundant media channels and categories like:

  • Corporate film production
  • Short film production
  • Animation films production
  • Cartoon films production
  • Fashion film Production

We will always ensure our years of film production experience pours into every frame of content we provide for you. Our goal is to make your film production an awesome experience whilst creating the highest quality product. We also provides array of corporate video production, documentary movies, short movies, music video production, audio post-production for radio, TV Commercial, event coverage, events photography,  trade show videos, website videos, 3D/2D animation and many more. If you’re looking for your upcoming film or movie to be produced by the most passionate and dedicated team of sinewave so please send us email or give us call and we'll happy to assist our film production services.

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Film Production Video

Cartoon film The Journey of a Samurai


Featured Film - Rasta

(Editing and Colour Grading)

Featured Film - Revenge

(Editing and Colour Grading)

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