ZOHAIB AKHTAR - Senior Film Director in Sinewave Pictures


Senior Film Director

Zohaib has a strong, background in film direction, Director for the film “The Revenge of the worthless" with plenty of famous music videos and documentaries like Magnificent Pakistan. Zohaib always had a passion for technology and creativity and enjoys the challenge of combining the two disciplines. With the aim of delivering the best service, He has extensive experience across different medium of film making

FAREED JILLANI - Commercial Manager in Sinewave Pictures


Commercial Manager

Skilled Marketer, Strong background in Business Development and strategy modeling, good at analytical skills, team and detail-oriented, Experienced in identification and qualification process to make intelligent decisions concerning viable business prospects. Able to engage clients on any level, proficient in gathering and analyzing First-person human intelligence

Zeshan Tahir - Executive Producer in Sinewave Pictures

Zeshan Tahir

Executive Producer

Creative and versatile media and motion pictures professional. he tells stories with MOVING images in an exquisite and exceptional way, with a clear understanding of the backbone of any narrative. he have always had a passion for films and performing arts, as well as photography and creative art. he spend most of my time developing innovative works and producing creative projects for clients he have written, directed and produced a number of commercials, promos, short films and music videos.

JAMES - Creative Director in Sinewave Pictures


Creative Director

British and born in Singapore, James has spent his life travelling and enjoying the many cultures around the world. Ease of travel has come from an 18 year service in the British military. Since having cameras from the age of 15 James has carried the interest into an artistic impression of all things around him. James’s enthusiasm and a want to improve life have brought him to Dubai to enjoy life striving to capture the emotion he sees.

SEMEOUL - Mixing and recording engineer in Sinewave Pictures


Mixing and recording engineer

The very talented enthusiastic personality. He is best in his work, perfection is his passion. He is the one responsible for combining ("mixing") the different sonic elements of a piece of recorded music (vocals, instruments, effects etc.) into a final version of a song. he mixes the elements of a recorded piece together to achieve a good balance of volume.

HOMAM - Motion Graphic artist in Sinewave Pictures


Motion Graphic artist

A Technically Skilled personality with amazing detailing in 2D & 3D, He is responsible for the creative process at different stages. Conceptualization, storyboarding, animating, he has been appreciated by clients and office management several time. And we call him our little master

AYA - Key Account Coordinator in Sinewave Pictures


Key Account Coordinator

The gorgeous aya, coming from the lively metropolis of Egypt, and with more than four years of experience in public relations across corporate clients, AYA enjoys strong media relationships with a wide range of Arabic media contacts. She has managed the communications and media relations for a diverse range of clients in sectors that range from technology to lifestyle

DALE NICHOLE - Music Director in Sinewave Pictures


Music Director

Dale is Creative and Passionate Music Producing Professional. He oversees the composer and other musicians involved in creating music. His job is to create the atmosphere of a movie through the soundtrack selection. Coordinate fundraising efforts, also expand and enhance the breadth and depth of the choir’s range of music.

MARIA QAZI - Executive Secretary in Sinewave Pictures


Executive Secretary

She is the most enthusiastic and energetic member of our team, Responsible for the first office response to our client, highly intelligent in managing the work, having years of experience in call center for handling complaints. From controlling all front desks, Maria is known for her dry sarcastic sense of humor which brings a smile to everyone’s face.

PAULETTE CHINANGA - Business Development Officer in Sinewave Pictures


Business Development Officer

Paulette is versatile and very keen to do whatever requires for developing business and assisting in company’s branding and media communication activities. She researches the market for identifying new business opportunities. Explain prospective clients about the advantages of the services offered and follow up with them in order to close the business deals. Respond to the client queries in a timely fashion. Good in developing business proposals for new and existing customers and also develop creative strategies to retain the clients


Color Grading Artist




Music Composer